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Dividends/IRS Form 8937

Public Notice of Fiscal Year 2016 Dividends Paid in accordance with IRC ยง6045B

On December 5, 2016, Planet Fitness, Inc. paid a special cash distribution of $2.78 per share to its Class A common stockholders of record as of November 22, 2016. Pursuant to Internal Revenue Code Section 6045B, we are reporting to all holders of record the estimated character of this payment. Based upon our preliminary estimate of earnings and profits for 2016, approximately 6.4% of the distribution constitutes a taxable dividend and 93.6% constitutes a return of capital. Final 2016 operating results for Planet Fitness, Inc. could result in a change in our estimated earnings and profits and to the character of the dividend. If that happens, we will update our public notice as necessary. We encourage shareholders to consult their tax advisors for proper treatment of any Planet Fitness, Inc. distributions included in their 2016 tax return. The determination of the tax treatment of distributions (dividend vs. return of capital) is reported to shareholders on Form 1099-DIV.

Additional information about this may be obtained by contacting Planet Fitness, Inc. Investor Relations, Brendon Frey at 203-682-8200 or investor@planetfitness.com

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